6 Easy Camping Meals To Prepare For Anyone In No Time

easy camping meals

6 Easy Camping Meals To Prepare For Anyone In No Time


Are you ready to go camping and looking for ideas about easy camping meals you can make for yourself and/or your family that wont break your budget or need any special cooking skills?  If so this quick guide to 6 Easy Camping Meals To Prepare For Anyone In No Time will be of interest to you.

Camping often reveals to you how much you were stressed about your daily routine. People like to go camping because they know it is fun, enjoyable and a great outdoor reaction activity that helps subside their tensions and stress.

There is a fact that when you are at a camping site or doing some activities like biking and hiking you need extra food on your plates. This will keeps you active and allows you to do more activities. It is important to select foods that are easy camping meals that do not require a lot of time of chef level cooking knowledge.

You are well aware of the fact that we cannot take enough food with us that can be used for camping. Therefore you need to select out the food items that can be easily available. These things will be best if they are easy and handy to cook.

Why food is important for camping?

You already know about the importance of food. During your normal life routine, you tried best to take good food. But, during camping, I know you are more concerned about your food normal than usual. You need to take care of your food during camping.

During camping, you are busy with different activities which need effort from your mind and body. As their physical activities are involved therefore it is important to have good food to keep you and sound. When you will make good food you can easily perform different activities.

Having or making easy camping meals are important because they are so handy and easy to cook that you can cook them within a small time. Because you also need some extra time for activities, so you cannot waste your time to make food. Therefore we recommend easy camping meals.


easy camping meals

Easy Camping Meals And Recipes:

Multiple recipes can be used during camping. The good thing is that they are easy to cook and can be cooked in a small-time.

1. Campfire scrambled eggs:

Maybe you’re the thing that everyone is making scrambled eggs, and then what is the difference. But stop and wait for a moment. Here, we go with our special scrambled eggs recipes. You know most people make lifeless scrambled eggs.

This thing is very common during camping because of less time that people make their scrambled eggs lifeless. But here, we will make this in a different way than you will love it. When you master the technique, you’ll make them hereafter.

Usually, we would be using simple non-salted stick butter, but not everyone will have a cooler or a refrigerator that can fit ‘extras’ like butter. Clarified butter will do what we need, but if you can bring stick butter, use that instead.

Required Ingredients:

  • Eggs
  • Water
  • Clarified butter


As you can see, I only listed 3 ingredients without any amounts. That’s because it depends on how much you are making. The ratio is this: for each egg add 1 tablespoon of water and 1 tablespoon of butter (clarified or not).

Now add your ingredient into saucepan or pan. I will recommend you use these pans only not the frying pan that people mostly use. You can leave your egg yolks unbroken at first.  Maybe one or two could break but don’t worry about it.

Now the next step that you need to do is start to go off from fire and continue the process of stirring. You need to stir until the color of the eggs turns into whole white. Now you can again put the pot on the fire. Now, wait until the eggs become a worm and try to break their yolks to mix them properly.

You can see now, the butter is also started melting. Wait until the better get melted and then put off the pan from the fire. Maybe you’ll put them of fire. As it is important to cook them on slow fire because this will gives you a different recipe with new and delicious flavor.

Wait until the hole better gets melted. It may take usually 30 seconds, maybe different time like 15 seconds. Now as the better is melted well, you can pour this in the egg mixture and now put this into the fire to cook them.  Keep the process of stirring until the eggs come together completely.

Now, if you see they are mixed properly, you can take them away from heat. The residual heat in the pan will work to make your eggs perfect. The good thing is this; you can cook these eggs at your home also.

2.  Campfire toasted cinnamon rolls:

This is again a camping easy recipe which is made in a small-time during camping.

Required Ingredients:

  • Can of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
  • Roasting prongs
  • Campfire with hot embers


  • The first step includes, pop open the can and now you can carefully divide the cinnamon rolls.
  • Now gently insert the pongs through the side of cinnamon rolls, make sure to place them at the center of the bun and at near the back of the pons.
  • Now, try to slowly place your rollover hot embers, you need to roast from all sides and completely.
  • It should take 9-13 minutes probably. But it can be varied according to your fire amount.
  • Make sure to turn them throughout, so they can be cooked from both sides completely.
  • Remove from the campfire and allow cooling slightly before carefully removing the roll from the roasting prongs.
  • Eat and enjoy it.

3. Bacon and cheese pull-apart:

Anytime we get to throw bacon into a recipe our mouths start watering. This Bacon Cheese Pull A-part recipe is easy, tasty, and damn good! The pull-apart is great as a breakfast, side dish, or a snack. An excellent way to use you while you are camping. It is another camping easy recipe.

Required Ingredients:

  • ¼ cup butter, melted
  • 8 pieces cooked bacon, broken into small pieces
  • 14 Dinner Rolls, thawed but still cold
  • 2 cups grated cheddar cheese


  • First of all, cut each roll in half
  • Then melt the butter and place it on fire.
  • Now, try to roll the rolls into butter until they are coated completely with the butter.
  • Now you can sprinkle your favorite items like cheese and bacon.
  • Now you need to cover the lid and wait until the dough becomes double in size.
  • As you’re at the camping site you can use a pan to cook them with heat inside, because have not oven there.

4. Pepperoni pizza grilled cheese:

This is again a delicious food that falls under the camping easy recipes. You need to try this when you are at the camping sites. It is easy to cook and handy. It will help to save your time.

  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
  • Pepperoni

You can make this easy with the help of these above-mentioned ingredients.

5. Double baked potato boat:

 This recipe uses a lot of leftovers and turns them into a great meal. This is again a easy camping meals recipe and can be cooked easily in small time.

Required Ingredients:

  • 3 Baked Potatoes
  • 9 Strips of Bacon, cooked
  • Cooked Ham
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • Stick of Butter


  • Take 3 Baked Potatoes and cut them each 5 times.
  •  Do not cut them all the way through, we want 6 equally sized segments across the potato.
  • In each Segment add a small piece of bacon, ham, and cheese.
  • Lay each potato out on its piece of tin foil.
  •  Put a little bit of butter on the tops of each potato and spread it around.
  • Seal up the potato in the Tin Foil, find a hot spot in your grill or fire, and cook for about 20 minutes.
  • Make sure you count the number of Potatoes going in and coming out, as they tend to look a lot like darkened coals.

6. Bacon, beef, and beans casserole:

This is my favorite recipe. This also falls under the category of camping easy recipe. You can cook this at your campsite as it is handy and easy to cook.

Required Ingredients:

  • ¾ Pound Bacon
  • ¾ Pound Ground Beef
  • 20 Ounces Canned Baked Beans
  • ½ Cup Steak Sauce or Barbecue Sauce
  • 1 Can of Biscuits


This perfect, tasty, and filling dinner should be present in cold evenings. You need to grill up the bacon in a skillet medium heat. After it has been heated now remove it from the heat and drain extra heat from it. After this cook the ground beef until it cooked very well.

Now add some chopped bacon, backed means, and sauce at the skillet. You need to stir it until it becomes cooked completed and mixed well. Now take it off from the direct fire and add other things you like for extra toppings.


Here, we have discussed all the aspects of foods that can be considered easy camping meals. You can cook them easily without any extra effort. These are delicious and easy to cook. These will help you to feel satisfied and also active.

You can use these meals if you are going to camp. Make sure to put all the ingredients with you. This will help you to be prepared at the campsite.

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