How To Stay Clean While Camping: Best Tips For Backpackers

How To Stay Clean While Camping: Best Tips For Backpackers

How To Stay Clean While Camping: Best Tips For Backpackers

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Do you worry about your dirty greasy hair while camping? In this article we are going to explore some ways on how to stay clean while camping. These ideas and tips will always work whether you are considering a short term or long term camping trip.

As much as it sounds amazing and fun to go camping at a place away from your home, it’s also equally terrifying having to worry about how to stay clean while camping with the possibility of having no proper facilities or with a portable shower.

But most backpackers are aware that camping does not mean foregoing your hygiene or avoid your cleanliness. That is why it is essential to know that camping hygiene is multi-faceted. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, staying clean while camping doesn’t need to be complicated.

We have compiled some tips and tricks to camping hygiene and how to stay clean while camping trip.

What are camping hygiene essentials?

You know very well that you need greater attention to hygiene than usual. When you are at your home you have everything which can help you to be safe and healthy. But there is a difference when you go camping. 

While camping as you have a limited supply of the items. Instead, you have only the items that you carried with you while camping. So here you will know about the camping essentials which will help you to be clean while camping.

Hand sanitizer is a camping godsend:

You know that hand sanitizer is something that will help you to keep safe from germs. The best thing for them is that they are compact and lightweight to carry everywhere easily. You know how much they are used in the hospital. Doctors use hand sanitizer while they see treat a new patient.

Now you will see how hikers, backpackers, and campers can use hand sanitizer to keep them clean and safe. They can use sanitizer while going to a bathroom. It can be used before and after the meal. There is an important thing to note down. If you don’t use hand sanitizer, there will be germs on your fingers and hands and these will be gone into your eyes to infect you.

You can easily talk about the illness that is caused due to the contaminated water but what about the infections that occur due to these handheld germs. If you understand, you can know these are more dangerous than the contaminated water because these have the power to spread.

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Best tips for buying and using hand sanitizer

Make sure to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer because this has true power to kill all kinds of germs. Alcohol has the power that it can kill the germs if use originally. Therefore you will know how to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer to keep yourself germs free.

First, apply a small amount of hand sanitizer to your palm. This contains ethyl alcohol that kills the germs. Just add a small drop, or whatever quantity you need. Then rub your hands vigorously with each other. Make sure to wait for 20 to 30 seconds, this will allow alcohol to evaporate.

This is very important because it may be dangerous later on. Make sure to keep your away from the fire after using the alcohol. You can also use alcohol to disinfect eating the utensils.

Use biodegradable soap to preserve the environment:

This is an important point to note. You are well aware of the fact of how soaps help you to keep you safe and clean. Moreover, you are aware of their mechanism of action. As you use soap while you’re at home this is easy to drain the suds and to vanish them because you have plenty of water.

 While at the camping you need to consider using biodegradable soap so that they cannot create damage in the water resources like lakes and streams. Make sure to wipe out all the traces of soap from the 200 feet away of water resources.

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how to stay clean while camping

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Clothing care to stay clean while camping:

You should consider your clothes while camping because this will help you to stay clean while camping. Here, you’ll know what kind of care you need regarding clothing.

1. When should I change my clothes?

This is crucial to know that maintaining good hygiene requires plenty of clothes. This, not the only thing that you need to check there is another considerable thing. Second thing is that you need to know about when to change your clothes. 

Most hikers, backpackers, and campers replace their old sweaty clothes with the cleaners. You can also change your socks and other undergarments with the new ones.  On the other hand, some people put off taking a shower – which is a rather different story.  If you don’t remove your hiking clothes when you reach the camp, you should change into clean and dry clothes before going to sleep.

Keep in mind that Wearing dirty clothing to bed not only spoils the inside of your sleeping bag, but it also creates a wonderful opportunity for rashes and other skin problems to develop during the night. Should it be unbearably cold, consider limiting your exposure by packing early.

2. What type of fabric is easiest to keep clean on the trail?

Multiple brands in the market can be used while camping. Certain fabrics can be easily clean and easy to handle on trailing. Go for synthetic moisture-wicking fabrics that are fast drying or wool that keeps you warm when wet, and doesn’t stink. There are some light-weight fabrics, such as spandex or nylon, which are ideal. Make sure not to use cotton.

3. How Do I Wash My Clothes on the Trail?

This is easy to know that if you are going for some days to trailing then you don’t need to wash your clothes at the trailing. But if you’re going for a long time then you need to consider some point. These are discussed here.

You need water and biodegradable soap to wash your clothes. Fill the bucket with warm water. Then add biodegradable soap. Let them warm for some time. This will help them to kill all the germs and keep your clothes safe from the germs.

4. Can you Wash your Clothes in a Stream or Lake?

Special care and caution are needed if you are using stream or lake water. These dangers are also present when you’re using biodegradable soaps. This is especially important if the water in the stream or lake is dirty and possesses a stagnant smell.

If the water is clean then you can use them but make sure to dry them well because lake water has access amount of salt. Therefore proper drying is important. You should be careful with the use of some anti-microbial particles present in some athletic clothes which may not be environmentally friendly.

5. Can you Wash your Hiking Shoes?

After some trips or camping your shoes will start to smell off. Maybe you ignore them but this is important to know and consider. You know smelly shoes are difficult to handle. You need to keep track of them to keep the smell-free.

However, this depends upon the idea own you handle this. You can use synthetic trail running shoes. This is easy to use as well to wash even in the washing machine.

Preventative Steps:

There are some preventive steps that you can take before you go camping. This will help you to stay clean while camping. Prevention is something that prevents you from the danger before it comes. Make sure to follow these precautionary measures that we are going to discuss here.

The most important advice for you is to follow. Avoid using cotton clothes as much as you can. This may create un-fort for you. At the start, cotton clothes feel very comfortable but as you wear them they create unease.

They start to absorb sweat which creates disease for you. Moreover, this fabric sucks the dirt easily. This may cause uncomfortable carting. Some synthetic materials may help in reducing sweating.


Here, we have discussed all the important aspects which are necessary to know about the fact of how to stay clean while camping. This is important to know because if you’re going camping and you don’t know about your cleanliness then this will make them dirty during their camping. But you know about all the facts that will help you to stay active and clean.


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